Promote Your Business with
MR Solution APAL

Groundbreaking Technology using 5G Mixed Reality Smart Wearable Device with Digital Innovation!

Promote Your Business with MR Solution APAL

Groundbreaking Technology using 5G Mixed Reality Smart Wearable Device with Digital Innovation!


AR Tourism

MR mixed reality allows for immersive experience of interactive games and educational purposes such as museum tour guides to relive historial events in person.


  • MR augemented reality transforms museum or art exhibits into live visual experience
  • Experience world heritage sites in 3D
  • Interact with creative digitized attractions in museums and galleries
  • Interactive historical and art collections
  • Hologram projection of realistic historical events

  • Galleries and Theatres
  • Tour Guides
  • Librarians


Military Training

MR can simulate terrorist attacks or battlefields for police/army drills and excercises. This creates a cost-efficient and safe training platform, and it also provides a much higher level of engagement to improvde on operation and situation awareness of personnel.


  • Increase training effectiveness
  • Quick deployment and increased training content adoption rate
  • Safer training envionment
  • Cost effective training of personnel with life-like realism

  • Armed Forces
  • Police Force
  • Firefighter
  • Emergency Rescue Personnel



By incoporating Apal’s advanced MR hardware, you can virtualize evironments such as amusement parks or stadiums. MR integration with different rides and attractions provides visitors an immersive and exciting sensory experience.


  • Experience immersive gaming
  • 360 degrees augmented reality concert broadcasts
  • Up close and personal view of your favourite sports stars
  • Cinematic experience with surround sound and video
  • Exciting life-like amusement rides experiences in augmented reality

  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Gaming
  • Amusement Parks
  • Consumers


Industrial manufacturing

Users can recieve real-time information needed to solve problems, verify and record the resolution process, reducing error rate by wearing the built-in smart system display. This also enables users to operate handsfree to improve efficiency compared to using handheld smart devices.


  • Extending the use of engineering design modeling data
  • Managing the station line in factories
  • Connection of operators for better communication
  • Recording production process and analyzing in real-time
  • Enhancing manufacturing efficiency and quality through artificial intelligence

  • Factory Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Connection between Operators
  • Production Operators


Education and Maintenance

In this digital era, companies can directly provide the correct problem solving steps through digital real-time integration, abandoning outdated manuals and old-school experience guidance, saving time and improving operation efficiency.


  • Digitize data with 3D imaging
  • Building and simulating workflow
  • Training operators
  • Record training processes and evaluate in real-time
  • Improve workforce capabilities via simulation courses

  • Teachers
  • 3D digital Content Creators
  • Students
  • Specific Technical Operators


Smart Health

Realtime monitoring is highly important in medical fields. With 5G network, you will be able to create ultrahigh-fidelity holographic 3D anatomical renderings that can be studied from every angle, making patients see-through and replacing old-fashioned 2D imaging. Improving efficiency and success rate of surgeries.


  • 搭配醫療監測設備進行健康管理。
  • AI人工智慧和5G技術相結合,搭配機械手臂進行遠端開刀。
  • 5G MiFi支持VR的應用,以遠端AI健康及就診諮詢。
  • 透過高畫質視訊設備將醫療診察影像快速傳送至急診室進行緊急救援服務
  • 可透過穿戴式醫療感測器進行遠端照護,智慧養老服務。
  • 透過視訊設備進行即時遠端教學。

  • 醫生以及護士
  • 醫檢人員
  • 醫療照護者
  • 醫管人員

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