About APAL

Brand story

APAL aims to create a smart and interconnected world to enhance mankind’s lives and mobility. “Smart Beyond Imagination” is our brand spirit to pursue a passion for life and adopting intelligent technology whilst actively exploring the infinite possibilities of life. With innovative and intelligent design philosophy, we continue to develop innovative mobile devices with unlimited creativity. APAL actively challenges all possibilities to change and give a new vision to smarter life for the future.

Become the best provider of high-end telecommunication technology for smart mobile devices and IoT solutions.

Our goal

To provide cutting-edge smart mobile devices and end-to-end integrated solutions.

Our Mission

Manufactured by Compal Electronics, Inc., one of the Top 10 Electronic ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) who adheres to high quality control and superior product quality.


About Palcom

Established in 2015, Palcom International Corporation. is a subsidiary of the world’s top 10 manufacturing leader, Compal Computer Group. In the early days, the company mainly partnered with CAT (Caterpillar), Kodak, LUCIA, aione and other global brands and distributed smart phones, smart home appliances, digital gadgets, 3C accessories, etc., and has been actively expanding to the global market. We have a large number of distribution bases and international partners in Taiwan, Japan, China and other countries in the world. Through professional marketing team, public relations, and other media resources of Palcom, we assist our clients in promoting their brand and products to the global consumer market while building up our reputation.

Uphold the corporate spirit and philosophy of Explore outside the box, today’s Palcom actively expands the original 2C market business to the development of the 2B market. In order to provide diversified solutions and customization to meet the needs of enterprises, Palcom decided to establish its own brand “APAL”.

The APAL brand emphasizes on its manufacturing partnership with Compal, providing customers the best product quality, and tailor-made customization to establish Palcom as a reliable and efficient solution provider. Palcom is committed to the innovative development and application of smart mobile devices, and leads the way for future technology advancement.

At the same time, through the capabilities of our integrated supply chain, we can find and develop smart devices and platforms for enterprises, gain an in-depth understanding of enterprise user cases, provide one-stop services, and optimize processes such as workflow, manufacturing, and design. This enables us to fulfill the needs of different vertical applications in the field of telecommunication and IoT.

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Our Team

Palcom Communication is follows the trend of artificial intelligence and smart mobile devices closely. Through our global development experience, we integrate the power of innovation, design, R&D and manufacturing of Compal Computer Group. We actively recruit top professionals in various fields to create a forward-thinking business.

Our core value and services

Providing Solutions with diversity and customization

Flexible technology platform integration

Innovative business thinking mode

Product sales and marketing

Local marketing consulting

Vertical integration service

Industrial Application

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