Smart beyond imagination

Unlimited innovation

Smart beyond imagination

Unlimited innovation

Be The Role Model

With strong R&D, manufacturing and design teams, we lead the global technology trend.
Our goal is to become the best provider of high-end telecommunication technology for smart mobile devices and IoT solutions.

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With over 30 years of experience, Compal is one of the world’s leading manufacturers.
We take pride in bringing breakthrough design concepts to life with world class R&D, manufacturing and supply chain management.
Through idealization, concept and market validation, prototyping and through mass production of millions of units, our teams’ vast experience can be utilized to augment your organizations capabilities in various ways.

Partnership Advantages


Our goal is to provide a one-stop integrating platform service for smart devices.

Technology & Design

With strong R&D, manufacturing and design teams, we enhance efficiency, leading the global technology trend.


Manufactured by Compal Electronics, Inc.,one of the Top 10 Electronic ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) who adheres to high quality control and superior production quality.


Complete service integration with flexible management platform. Enterprises can tailor their own solutions made up of unique product design and reliable hardware.

Our Partners

With years of experience in cross-industry cooperation, we have always been the leader in the industry. We value our partners by working side-by-side with them to create a better future together.

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