Compal partners with Nvidia to construct enterprise metaverse

JS Liang, Compal VP of R&D center

Aaron Lee, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMESFriday 10 December 2021

Compal Electronics has partnered with Nvidia to build a metaverse specifically for the enterprise segment, according to JS Liang, vice president of Compal’s R&D center.

The metaverse will be built using Compal’s XR Cube solution, which supports a variety of VR/AR devices and is based on the OpenVR standard, and will be practiced via SteamVR.

Compal’s XR Cube support all VR/AR head-mounted displays (HMD) that are structured based on the Open XR standard including HTC’s VR HMDs, Meta’s (Facebook’s) Oculus Quest, Microsoft’s Hololense, as well as AR/VR devices in-house developed by Compal and can connect to a backend edge cloud or publish cloud platform.

With the connection to a backend cloud platform, a standalone VR HMD’s computing performance can be significantly increased. Compal has partnered with Nvidia to use its edge computing servers as the backend platform and will perform the connection using Nvidia’s CloudXR technology, Liang said.

Compal has also cooperated with many companies such as WaveOptics, Lumus and Infinity AR to work on the development of AR/VR devices. Compal’s MR devices have also obtained orders from Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) to assist the company in repairing equipment.

Compal is now cooperating with Taiwan-based Ganzin Technology to develop a new-generation VR device that features eye-tracking technologies, Liang added.