5G Dongle upgrade to 5G
smart devices immediately

The world’s first cross-device plug-and-play 5G Dongle. Users can experience 5G enjoyment online all the time.

5G Dongle upgrade to 5G smart devices immediately

The world’s first cross-device plug-and-play 5G Dongle. Users can experience 5G enjoyment online all the time.


Smart inspection

5G’s low latency and high-reliability allows industrial inspection UAVs to work in harsh environments such as power lines and gas pipeline inspection without threatening the safety of your staff.


  • A three-dimensional intelligent inspection network system with UAVs, video monitoring devices, and personal patrol equipment as terminals.
  • Unmanned, normalized, and intelligent operation in harsh environments.
  • 5G intelligent robot, long-distance unattended automatic inspection function.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) smart glasses inspection, in addition to combining with 5G high-speed network, can also improve the overall video call quality.

  • Security Owners
  • Factories
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Operators
  • Firemen


Smart agriculture

The smart agriculture integration system uses 5G’s high-speed transmission of 4K images to make real-time monitoring systems and equipment controllers. It can remotely control the growth environment of crops anytime and anywhere, and reducing the burden on farmers, labor costs, and improving crop yields.


  • Agricultural drones can all be equipped with 4K video recording to get a detailed grasp of first-hand information in the field.
  • Through various temperature and humidity sensing systems, automatic air conditioning management can be carried out.
  • Through the great capacity data of 5G, various agricultural production reference materials such as weather conditions, growth conditions and market environment can be integrated and managed efficiently.
  • Real-time intelligent monitoring of the production and sales process reduces the burden of farm operations and labor demands.
  • Constructing an active and all round consumption/service platform through the IoT and big data analysis technology.

  • Farmers
  • Fish farm owner
  • Ranchers
  • Foresters
  • Greenhouse management staffs
  • Flower plantations


Smart office

APAL 5G Dongle is plug and play. Through the connection function of 5G low-latency, fast and convenient , every place in the world is your mobile office. Whether it is telework, conference call or SOHO personal office, users can easily and quickly complete the work.


  • Through the 5G transit system, employees only need to bring their ID cards to enter through the door with facial recognition.
  • High-speed network can increase the speed of data exchange in office collaboration when using mobile devices.
  • Remote video conference.
  • Smart mobile office could help companies improve employee efficiency.
  • It can help enterprises to reduce operating costs fundamentally and further promote the development of enterprises.

  • Property management agencies
  • SOHO
  • Business men
  • Entrepreneurs


Smart factory

5G provides high-speed data transmission and real-time return of data, and combines artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis to build smart factories with integration capabilities such as thinking, detection, learning, and adjustment. And introduce it into applications such as smart trucks, automatic inspections, remote maintenance, etc., to realize unmanned, normalized, and intelligent operations in a factory environment, and optimize manufacturing efficiency.


  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) smart glasses inspection, in addition to combining with 5G high-speed network, can also improve the overall video call quality.
  • Using IoT technology to create a factory automation environment through temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Low-latency and high-speed features of 5G can support collaborative robots and build unmanned factories.
  • Wireless communication of 5G makes it easier to re-move equipment in the factory and plan the factory configuration.
  • Real-time collecting and processing of production line operating status data as a basis for equipment control adjustment.
  • Key equipment asset tracking.

  • Factory managers
  • Engineering manufacturing designers
  • Coordinators
  • Production line operators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Technicians
  • Engineers


Online games

The 5G high-speed network allows the computing and processing of games to be performed on the cloud platform. As long as the players have a 5G device, they can play exquisite games comparable to or even surpassing game consoles without investing in expensive equipment. It even takes less than 1 second to download games and update files, and players can have an immersive gaming experience instantly.


  • It can process the data and calculation volume of 3A-level games at high speed, so that players can also use their mobile phones to play games that could only be played on gaming computers or PS4.
  • The gaming experience is the same as on-demand video and streaming audio & voice services, which can be played at any time.
  • Cross-platform games allow players to switch freely on platforms such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and even TV boxes.
  • Players can enjoy movies in the game at the same time and can join the online concert and integrate it into the game scene.
  • Combining 5G with VR can make P2P simulation interaction and increase the social experience of the game and the interaction of multiplayer games.

  • Consumers
  • R&D personnel
  • Gaming industry
  • Players
  • Engineers


Live Streaming

Supporting high-definition live broadcast demands, providing high-quality live broadcast experience for journalists, photographers, outdoor anchors and UAV aerial photography enthusiasts.
Spectators can enjoy the 5G HD live broadcast technology through a variety of 5G smart devices to enjoy the experience of watching the match as if in person, and feel the exciting moments of the game.


  • International conferences can be negotiated without borders through the low latency of 5G video.
  • Concerts, sports events can achieve zero-distance experience through various mobile devices.
  • High-definition videos can be watched more smoothly and clearly through 5G network.
  • Live news or remote education training through 5G webcast.

  • Artists, Internet celebrities
  • Journalists
  • Office workers
  • General public
  • Specific technical operators
  • Company and business owners

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