Mobile Office

APAL MiFi's 5G network provides high-speed and convenient connectivity, making it versatile anywhere. Whether at home or in a personal SOHO office, it functions as a comprehensive mobile 5G hub.

Smart Office

APAL 5G mobile cards are plug-and-play, transforming any location worldwide into your mobile office. Whether engaging in remote work, participating in virtual meetings, or operating a personal SOHO office, tasks can be accomplished effortlessly and rapidly.

Video Streaming

Supporting high-definition live streaming for international conferences, 5G video with low latency enables borderless discussions.

The world's first mobile hotspot that supports LAN, USB, and Wi-Fi connectivity. WiFi6 provides 5G connectivity to existing smart devices with wider coverage range and up to 4X higher speed compared to current WiFi.
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Support various operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Plug and play, upgrade to a 5G device immediately. The Internet speed can reach above 2.5Gbps, so users can easily experience the 5G network .
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