Intelligent Inspection

In the context of 5G industrial drone inspections, particularly in areas such as power lines, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, and more, the utilization of 5G MiFi networks with low latency and high reliability features facilitates the achievement of unmanned, routine, and intelligent operations in adverse environments.

Smart Factory

Leveraging the high-speed data transmission and real-time data feedback capabilities of 5G, the implementation of applications such as intelligent handling, automated inspections, and remote maintenance in the factory environment achieves unmanned, routine, and intelligent operations, optimizing manufacturing efficiency.

Education Maintenance

Utilizing the robust computational capabilities of cloud systems, the integration of MR devices through high-speed wireless networks facilitates real-time motion tracking and spatial awareness. This fusion, coupled with step-by-step procedural simulation training, ensures wearers learn correct maintenance procedures.

Industrial Manufacturing

Through devices embedded with intelligent systems and employing a see-through display, real-time information is provided for problem-solving and verifying recorded resolution processes, reducing error rates. This approach, distinct from traditional handheld smart devices, frees up hands, enhancing efficiency.

The world's first mobile hotspot that supports LAN, USB, and Wi-Fi connectivity. WiFi6 provides 5G connectivity to existing smart devices with wider coverage range and up to 4X higher speed compared to current WiFi.
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Support various operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Plug and play, upgrade to a 5G device immediately. The Internet speed can reach above 2.5Gbps, so users can easily experience the 5G network .
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The highly robust AR module has built-in smart software, and enterprise users can experience the best augmented reality experience through spatial awareness functions and high-gloss optical waveguide modules.
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