Solutions and techniques

After turning on, please select settings on desktop and select software update to update the latest version.

After installing SDK, please select Compal_all_in_one Scene in the sample scenes, then you can refer to basic Demo Application development.

The battery is replaceable. Please push battery cover in direction and pull up battery with a tape, then put new battery connecting finger towards battery connector. Finally close battery  cover in direction to complete battery replacement.

Please use 20W PD charging adapter, DC cable, USB cable included in box.

1. Connect DC cable to adapter and Box DC charging input for power-on or power-off charging.

2. Connect USB cable to adapter and USB port in the middle of Box for power-on or power-off charging.

Please select a type-c output power bank which supports PD 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, and with DC cable attached in the box as 15W power supply.

User manual and software download

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Quick start guide

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User Manual

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Warranty Announcement

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Free software update

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Source code

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