Personal Information Protection Act

In order to consider confidentiality of the collection of your personal information, APAL will inform you of the collection, processing and use of your personal data in this form in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act (the “Act”).
  • This form collects, processes, and uses your personal information in accordance with the Act,  including identifying personal names, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.The collection, processing and use of the above-mentioned personal data will only be used for the relevant business demands of this form.APAL will protect your personal information properly in accordance with the Act.
  • You can also refuse to provide relevant personal information.If you refuse to provide the required information listed in this form, you will not be able to use the relevant services.
  • With regard to the personal information you provide, you are entitled to make the following requests according to the Act: check, review, copy, supplement, revise, process, use, and delete.
  • I have a clear understanding of the matters to be notified of the collection, processing or use of my personal data on this form in accordance with the Act.