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The world's first augmented reality smart wearable device utilizing optical waveguide and Qualcomm's flagship mobile chip platform

Comfortable head-mounted design

Designed based on human factors engineering and skin-friendly materials, our structure can reduce the discomfort while wearing for a long time. And the integrated wireless design also makes the movements more convenient!

Built-in wide viewing angle optical waveguide display

The wide-angle display provides a flexible environment that interacts by virtual messages over short distances while providing a lighter device and comfortable wearing experience through a miniature optical waveguide display.

Built-in high-performance spatial perception algorithm

Visual calculus optimization provides the most immediate and smooth spatial awareness, making it easier to apply projects in virtual reality.

Enterprise Applications

The highly flexible Augmented Reality Module has built-in smart system software, and enterprise users can provide the best augmented reality experience through spatial awareness functions and high-gloss optical waveguide modules.

Medical surgery aid
Maintenance Training
Industrial manufacturing

In many medical operations, it is often necessary to use 2D images and imagine the location of lesion. Through our digital integration capabilities, the 2D image can be converted into a virtual object and integrated with patient’s body. The body part provides an intuitive and precise reference position to improve the efficiency and success rate of the operation.

In this digital era, companies can directly provide the correct problem solving steps through the digital real-time integration, abandoning outdated manuals and old-school experience guidance, saving time and improving operation efficiency.

Provides efficient and accurate communication through remote background collaboration with virtual reality display interaction, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Built-in Xavier highly compact module

Utilizing optical waveguides and Qualcomm’s flagship mobile chip platform and equipped with the efficient SLAM system.

Supports Android system, compatible with most existing apps

Equipped with 802.11ac high-speed wireless connectivity

Supports Bluetooth peripheral accessories

Complete software integration

By integrating software functions, LAMAR AR HMD intelligently and efficiently solves industrial application problems. LAMAR integrates front color lenses, efficient intelligent identification system, and integrates intuitive gesture and voice control capabilities for a true hands-free and intuitive interaction. And by customizing the software, Enterprises can simplify workflows and improve employee productivity. It can also be more widely applied in personal entertainment, business, education, military, automotive and other industries.

High-Efficiency front lenses

Supports remote collaboration
*Photography, photo, QR Code

Precise smart identification

Supports AI identification and software integration*Faces, objects, texts

Greater details

Binocular three-dimensional rendering

Whole New Experience

Customized gestures and voice control

High-density structure and integrated design

LAMAR’s highly integrated multi-layer boards and advanced circuit design, creates extremely small modules, and a wireless, integrated design that is easy to wear. Comfortably Suitable for different head sizes, sights, and it’s even glasses friendly. LAMAR is equipped with a binocular vision camera module and an efficient SLAM algorithm to provide an excellent visual experience and spatial perception.

2-3 hours of battery life (fast-charging supported)

Supports three/six degrees of freedom UI

Spatial sensing and physical plane detection

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